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Emily, Nicky and Emma

May is ME awareness month. ME is a disease that effect millions adults and children worldwide, whereby you're becoming ill after exertion. Therefore most people nearly come outside, (out of bed). For some social interaction is not possible. You feel constantly physically ill and exhausted, tough it is still labeled as 'mental tiredness' in the medical world. This should get way more attention and research than it gets now, as there a millions of people we literally never see. This month artists post their work to create awareness. Sending a special kiss and hug to my amazing and very brave Anil, ex-ballet dancer and teacher and the warmest human being you can imagine. We are there with you. Want to know more, donate or join our movement (literally)? You have still a few days to create. #millionsmissing #art2cureME #undauerme Pictures: Edward Hermans