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“Live through your colours and they will live through you”

One year ago my old classical dance teacher Anil van der Zee approached some old students to use their powers as a voice to create resistance against a lack of ears, eyes and voices but more importantly, help! for this debilitating neuroimmune disease As a human being i can onderstand that there will be moments and situations where your environment or even your body! doesn’t concede you to be you and make you feel locked inside of your own body. while something or someone else has control of the wheel. it would be frustrating so with this in mind i tried to create in my own way how i would feel. Images where the colours are the reflections and beauty from the person inside. And maybe if you would see me (see my colours) you wouldn’t forget about me. Photograph/Concept/Makeup: Remy Tilburg Model: Rabia Soraya Omanette