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By Medea van Schijndel May 12th - ME awareness day. Since I’m predominantly bed-bound but refuse to become invisible by this disease, or let my story be told with the wrong ideas about ME, I figured maybe I should join the #MillionsMissing events today with a drawing of my utterly crashed and naked self. In the absence of other means to properly communicate, last year I attempted to make an expression of how this illness forces me into seclusion, but I never got to finish it as I became too freaking ill. Because music is often too much to process for my hyperacusic brain, leaving me in a PEM-crash after listening, I want to bring to the attention Anil’s awareness campaign in silence. However, as it represents one of my most debilitating symptoms (which put me at risk of disappearing from the outside world and into the wrong story), I want to title this drawing after one of Bear McCreary’s songs from Unrest: “No thoughts, no words.” With this post I wish to transform silence into action.