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“Colours in ME”

Former student, now professional dancer, model & photographer raises awareness for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.
Remy is a man of style. Love the text, love the pictures. I see colours with movement when I close my eyes. It's so true. And my body has changed but my colors are still the same. Thank you.

By Remy Tilburg:

"Photography/Make-up/Concept: Remy Tilburg
Model: Cherie R. Fransen
To: Anil van der Zee.
Text: Remy Tilburg
Live Trough your colours and your colours wil live Trough you.
Everything has changed but yet im not changed.
When i turn out the lights i close my eyes.
I float on colours that makes me move.
thats why i started to move.
my name is Anil van der zee."