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Mike Harley is running for our lives in Amsterdam.

You quite often hear about people doing amazing things for good causes. Yet Myalgic Encephalomyelitis is not a disease that has had the privilege of attracting that kind of attention. So it’s been quite something to get to know Mike Harley from Bristol. He’s running a marathon in every country in the EU, raising awareness and funds for Invest in ME, a UK charity promoting education and research for ME. What an amazing effort. Here’s my interview with someone I consider to be a true hero.

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For patients with CFS, going to the bathroom is similar to running a marathon.

Patient and doctor Mark Vink about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Having so little energy that you can only leave your bed twice a day: that’s what CFS can be like. Researchers suggest it’s a mental disease. Nonsense, says doctor and CFS-patient Mark Vink.

Written by: Ellen de Visser, September 30 2017

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