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Book review “De Achterblijvers” by Anne VroegindeWeij.

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Boek review “De Achterblijvers”

Book review “De Achterblijvers” by Anne VroegindeWeij.

I have finally read the book “De Achterblijvers” by long-COVID patient Anne Vroegindeweij. I normally never read because reading physical books is impossible due to cognitive complaints. Fortunately, there was also an e-book version.

I often express my concerns that the Dutch media places too much emphasis on long COVID as a standalone disease, without connecting to other post-acute infectious diseases (PAIZ). That long COVID is part of a long-standing and major problem with PAIZen as a whole and that in this way we keep long COVID smaller than what it is. This gives the impression that the disease is new, that we do not know enough yet, that we can therefore do little to better guide patients and that we mainly have to wait and see.

Of course, SARS-CoV-2 has specific characteristics and findings, but about 50% of people with #LongCovid meet the ME criteria, and this also opens doors to already known treatments and guidance that are applied to ME. The situation surrounding ME also clearly shows that if you do not treat people in a timely manner and leave them to their fate, they will unnecessarily become much sicker. So there is a need to quickly come up with better solutions.

Anne breaks this vicious circle in an excellent way and opens this PAIZ door wide. She describes all the symptoms she experiences in detail, which will help people better understand what the disease entails. The history of ME is well explained in the longest chapter and how this has influenced the current state of affairs regarding long COVID. I also liked that all kinds of treatments were examined critically. No overly enthusiastic claims about treatments for which there is simply not enough or no evidence at all.

The book offers a good balance between the personal story about what it is like to develop a disease such as long COVID or ME, the grief that comes with it, the care and the other associated social issues about the neglect of so many patients, which has of course been going on for decades. is going on.

There is a disclaimer at the beginning of the book that Anne herself is not a doctor, but I think this book should be essential reading for many healthcare providers. There are other books about lung COViD written by healthcare professionals that really miss the point. Focusing on chronic fatigue and not taking enough into account post-exertional malaise and orthostatic intolerance. This means offering incorrect treatments. Anne’s book does not try to sell you methods or “treatments”, but gives a unique insight into the life of someone with long COVID. Based on this book alone, many healthcare providers will hopefully understand PAIZen better.

I can recommend the book to everyone. Both people who know nothing about PAIZen and people who suffer from it themselves. Usually I have something to comment on, but my only comment is really a compliment – well written, Anne, and a nice example of activism too! Well done!! 😘🙏

PS: maybe one more little thing. I hope there will be an English version one day. That’s worth the book.

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